Success stories from our clients.


"Great stuff, nice work! The employer has approved additional surveillance in view of the results, please try another 3 days. I know you guys wouldn't let me down, keep up the good work!"

Claims Adjuster | 08.2020

"Thank you Morgan...This is terrific film. We truly appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf."

Claims Adjuster | 05.2020

"I'd like to thank you and your team for always being there to assist us. Putting together a PowerPoint presentation with the surveillance you conducted for the Plaintiff was definitely vital."

Defense Attorney | 02.2020


"Quick to respond and provide excellence assistance as always! Thank you!"

SIU Investigator | 08.2020

"My sincere appreciation for the statement taken by the investigator on this file. It was thorough and complete. While you may think that most investigators do this, they don't. It was a job well done, so thank you. I can always trust Western." 

Claims Adjuster | 06.2020

"I've used your services many times before and you guys have been absolutely amazing!"

Claims Manager | 02.2020


"This report is incredible work. Thank you to the Western Limited team!" 

Claims Adjuster | 11.2020

"Based on the information you gathered we have denied coverage for this loss. Thank you for the hard work."

Claims Adjuster | 06.2020

"I reviewed the report; it is excellent. Thank you very much."

Defense Attorney | 09.2020

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