Christopher Miller

President and Owner

Christopher Miller has been a Private Investigator for over 31 years. He began as a Surveillance Investigator in 1990, and then worked as a Statement and Background Investigator until taking over management of a detective agency in 1993. Since then, he has directly managed over 40,000 investigations.

Christopher understands that a true investigator not only utilizes all resources available through information technology, but also pounds the pavement to effectively solve a case. Chris personally guarantees that the information you need will be found and that you will be satisfied with the results of your investigation.


Brenda Miller

Chief Operations Officer and Owner

Brenda has been working in the Operations and Administration departments of Private Investigation for over 25 years.

Brenda works in the macro and the micro at Western Limited. She has created the procedures and processes needed to ensure a smooth and efficient delivery of our investigative results. Brenda is extremely passionate about the people of Western Limited and has helped create and maintain the culture of a fun and productive working environment.


Morgan Miller

Surveillance Administrative Manager

Morgan has been immersed in the private investigation industry her whole life and is uniquely positioned to know how a successful agency is run. She joined the Surveillance Department full time in 2013.

Morgan manages the day-to-day activities of the surveillance department, ensuring cases are scheduled, deadlines are met, and all is operating smoothly. She brings detail, organization, and confidence that resonates with both clients and investigators.