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The history of Western Limited began decades ago, when Christopher Miller, a veteran of the private investigation industry, realized most existing investigative options were not up to his standards. There were many companies jockeying to be the cheapest, the quickest, or the most convenient, but none were trying to be the best. So in 2006, he created a company that strives for quality above all else.

In the years since, Western Limited has made a name for itself as the standard for thorough and outstanding investigative results. Through a commitment to developing and retaining high-quality investigators, a dedication to providing top-notch service to clients, and a willingness to do whatever is necessary to solve a case, Western Limited has separated itself from the pack.

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Our Handcuff Key Chain

Our Handcuff Key Chain

The story of our key chain, like the story of our company, is one that involves the search for something better than what we found elsewhere. In looking for something fun to hand out to clients and prospects that fully demonstrated our uniqueness, we took a chance on handcuffs. To our surprise, they were unanimously loved, and we found ourselves constantly restocking.

Today, people know us not only for our top results, but also for these key chains. Many grab them by the handful at trade shows and conferences to give to their kids or laugh at the design. We want to share the fun with you! Contact us and we will happily send one, two, or fifty.