What kind of investigator do you want working on your case?

Western Limited - Surveillance, Statements, Background, Results.


We understand that when you hire anĀ investigator, there is nothing more important than getting the information or film you seek. For that reason, getting you results is the centerpiece of everything we do. We promise that no matter what the challenges or obstacles are, we will work harder to accomplish your objective than any other company.

Personalized Service

We have the skills and resources of a large company, and offer you individual attention as a family-owned business. With our investigations, you will know who is working your case and how to contact that person. We promise you will get an investigation and final product that is delivered to your specifications.


There are a million potential solutions to every case, so we take the time to choose the route with the best chance of success. This involves creating a strategic plan of action, using the investigator best suited for the case, and evaluating the progress in real time to make adjustments as needed. Whatever your problem, we'll find the best way to solve it.


Exceptional results come from experienced investigators. Our company strategy is to find the best employees from diverse backgrounds and do whatever we can to grow their skills and make them happy. The product of that effort is a staff with many years out in the field working all types of cases. You can be assured your case is being handled by an expert.

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