Your answers are out there. We know how to find them.

Your background investigation should be more than Google searches and database results. We offer an integrative research solution.

Our investigators utilize the latest tech resources to develop a more detailed profile of your subject and take the action needed to verify and expand upon these results. Often the action needed means going into the field to find the answers you seek.

  • Information obtained from online and offline sources
  • Real-time assistance to field agents
  • Social network lead tracking systems
  • Investigators with diverse skill sets

Our Background Checks are comprehensive and can be customized to fit your needs. They can include any combination of the following:

Address History Discreet Inquiry (check with affiliates, neighbors, and/or subject) Medical Records
Affiliations (including relatives) Disposable Article Retrieval News Archives
Assets DMV Records Notices of Default
Bankruptcies Eviction History OSHA Filings
Blog Search Family Law Records Photos and/or Videos of Residence or Business
Board of Equalization Fictitious Business Names Property
Business Listings Financial Profiles Restraining Orders
Civil Court Records Hospital Records Social Media
Corporations Internet Marketplace Sites Voter History
Consumer Affairs Insurance Claim History Voter Registration
Criminal Court Records Liens Workers' Compensation Appeals Board

Pricing varies depending on many factors including, but not limited to:

Commonality of the subject's name Number of different jurisdictions the subject has lived in Amount of information available on the subject Number of searches you wish to have done


Social Media Searches can provide a treasure trove of insight into your subject's activities. Knowing exactly where to look for these clues requires a meaningful understanding of the digital platforms and your subject. Our investigators are adept at navigating these sites to obtain stockpiles of information, whether public or private.

Social Media is:

Social Media Research Infographic

Locating an elusive subject is the most difficult of all investigative tasks. Your subject could be couch surfing, living in a vehicle, or homeless. We can track these subjects to help you:

    • Effect service of process (we specialize in difficult and evasive serves)
    • Speak with a witness
    • Regain communication with your client
    • Reunite with family members
    • Aid surveillance operations

    Whereas many companies will simply provide you with a "most likely" address, we physically confirm that your subject is at an address (or provide a confirmed phone number) before we send you the information. Because of this, if process service is part of your assignment, the subject can often be served at no additional charge.


    Evaluating the prospect of successful collection requires a clear picture of your subject's assets and liabilities. We find the money (even if it's gold coins in a safe) and tell you who else your subject is hiding it from. We'll also find the vehicles, vessels, and real and intellectual properties held by the subject, then inform you of your subject's bankruptcy history and his/her eligibility for new bankruptcy protection.


    The Holy Grail for a successful defense against a bodily injury claim is evidence of a pre-existing injury, and there is no better way to accomplish that than a Medical Canvass. Our searches are guided by address history, collections records, and your subject's unique identity to find the evidence you need to protect against fraudulent claims.

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