More than a copy service.

When you need records, there are a thousand copy services out there that can do the job. However, we often find that as soon as they encounter a road block, these companies tend to not have the resources to take the extra steps such as finding a retired doctor's records, determining the new name of a recently purchased facility, or getting a new signed release because Kaiser didn't like the font of your first one.

When you come to us to get records, we analyze the situation and come up with alternate ways of getting the information and documentation you want. Once we obtain the records, one of our qualified medical professionals will summarize them in a way that's engaging and easy to read.

  • Investigative approach to the acquisition of records
  • Field investigators who can assist with releases
  • Thorough & accessible medical summaries
  • Services available nationwide

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"Thank you!......This is why I use Western Limited for all of my assignments!"

Claims Adjuster | 09.2020