Thorough, comprehensive, and unparalleled.

Obtaining a statement is more than reciting a list of questions; it's a delicate dance that rests upon the interviewer's ability to ask the right questions, at the right time, in the right way.

Every recorded statement is obtained by an investigator who prepares in advance, adjusts as needed during the interview, and digs deep into the issues that matter most.

  • Skilled interviewers who can command an interview
  • An aggressive approach designed to chase red flags
  • A diverse team with the ability to handle a variety of assignments
  • Industry-leading reports

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"EXCELLENT WORK! Thank you so so much. I may have more questions and we may need to see if we can do further research. Thank you for all your work on this matter."

SIU Manager | 07.2020

Photo Credit: Brittany Norris