Most Memorable Investigations of 2016

Our private investigators share their highlights while reflecting on all the cases they filmed in 2016. Learn what Western Limited’s awesome field agents share as their most memorable investigations, while working in the field.


“I followed a claimant into a small casino where everybody seemed to know everybody. Needless to say, the dealers were not very patient with me (the outsider) at the blackjack tables.

My other favorite moment was searching Skid Row in LA for an individual…INSANITY.”


“I was filming a claimant at a gym and had to work out on the same machine for about 40 minutes to film her doing her work out routine.

On another case, the claimant had a thumb injury. I got him wiping down his car after the automatic car wash.


“This year one of the times that stands out was a tough case following a claimant with a group of people to a California National Park. I had to follow on foot as the claimant walked the beach. I tailed, on foot, from above the cliff. The vantage point from on top of the cliff was amazing, and I obtained great film. The view of the ocean was not matched by any office painting/window, one small perk of working in the field.”

Paul N.

“A claimant injured her hand and legs two years earlier at an amusement park, and was claiming stress and hand injuries due to the turmoil of the injury. While doing surveillance after a medical appointment, we followed her to, of all places, an amusement park where we filmed her for 12 hours! We filmed her with her family walking around and going on rides. We even got covert film of her boarding the rides, and we purchased multiple photos of them smiling on the roller coasters from the ride’s camera that took pictures of the claimant mid-ride.”


“I worked this case with Paul. This claimant had us following her and her family from a medical appointment to a well-known amusement park. They walked many miles around the park and rode many rides.”


“The case I’m recalling is the drummer case. She was a professional drummer and our client wanted us to get her on film drumming. Our background team found out she was going to be performing at a real cool, famous place. You got to see her picture while she’s rockin’ out on the drums. We got killer film.”


“My favorite moment was training with Paul. We got film of this guy who claimed his back was injured along with his shoulder and a few other body parts, but we filmed him swimming about five miles or more in a lake. He was doing back stroke, and then rode his bike. It was really fun and a good time at the lake. I learned a lot, and my surveillance skills are getting better.”


“I followed a guy around over a weekend. The whole time he was using a cane, relying on it heavily. Late one Sunday, he went to a gaming event he was involved in. I was able to get over an hour of video of him without his cane, walking and moving around. Because of the video, half of his claim was denied.”

Paul L.

“My cousin and I do all the canvassing work to set up the surveillance guys for success. A recent assignment I had was an ex-CIA agent. No one could seem to find the claimant or get any film. But one day, we were driving by the claimant’s house and saw the claimant and spouse outside moving things in and out of their garage. After I got some film, I walked over to them and asked if they were moving. The claimant’s spouse said not right now, but soon. The claimant was in the garage rummaging through all of their stuff. We got all kinds of information about the claimant’s daily schedule and activities, and plan to film her moving.”


“I followed and filmed a cheating husband to a real ghetto bar. I was a bit nervous to get out of my car, even more nervous to head inside! It looked like real sketchy looking crowd hanging around outside the bar. I Googled the location and read the reviews, all being one stars, warning people not to go to this bar! But, I really wanted to get proof for the client, so I sucked it up and went inside. I was able to locate the husband at a table with another woman. Throughout the night I was able to film him hugging, kissing and touching her all over.

Another memorable moment was when I had a claimant with a back injury and I was assigned to apply for a job at her store. I said that I had injured my back once while bowling and had to wear a brace. I asked if her back injury was a bowling injury. She said no it wasn’t, so I asked how she hurt it. Was it a work injury? She stated that is was not a work injury, that she hurt it outside of work. A week later they called and offered me the job.”


“I have so many great cases. Two of my favorite cases were the same as Derrick’s and Chris’s.

On the swimming case, I first did that case with no parking in view, but got permission from a security guy, at a construction site, to park where I could see the entrance. I caught the claimant exiting riding a bike to the lake through pay parking. I keep a folded up Mountain bike in my vehicle and was able to film the guy entering the water. I then rode the bike to the end of the dock and filmed the guy straight overhead as he passed the end of the dock, virtually filming almost the entire swim.

During the drummer case, it was great to sit in the front row and watch good R&B music while getting paid.

Another great case, I used my bike to follow a foot injury claimant who went to a remote area and hiked miles in almost 100 degree weather

I also had a case like Joel’s where I followed the guy back from out of town up the coast and filmed from the windy cliffs down to the warm beach.

I don’t know if one case stands out more than the others, to me.”