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"You were right about Western Limited. They communicate so well. I got the impression that the investigator was sitting there, snapped the picture of the claimant, shot it over to the main office, who shot it over to us all in about 60 seconds time."

Risk Manager to Claims Examiner | 06.2015

"Western Limited has always provided far superior investigation services than their competition. They have always exceeded not only my expectations but also my clients, so much so that my clients have demanded that Western Limited be used exclusively."

Senior Claims Examiner | 11.2015

"I wanted to let you know that both of these ended up as take-nothings. The judge ruled on this based on your video and the Applicants' lack of credibility. The client is ecstatic. Please tell your investigators that they did a great job with both their surveillance investigation and with their testimony."

Attorney | 04.2016

"My client's [two international companies in Silicon Valley] both have reported seeing some very positive results from your firm over the last several months. We have been needing some quality investigation and subrosa for some time out of their TPA, and glad your firm is the one proving it."

Senior Risk Manager | 05.2016


"Western Limited sent the investigation report and transcribed witness statements to us. I have to tell you, it is probably the best investigation report I have come across in my civil litigation experience."

California Workers' Compensation Attorney | 03.2014

"Thank you Western Limited. I've been quite impressed with the work of your investigators on the cases which I have assigned and look forward to working with you more in the coming year." 

SIU Analyst | 01.2016

"I am very happy with the results of this investigation. Your determination, the information you got from your contact efforts, and the photos you took on site allowed us to not only push off the claim to someone else, but discontinue our coverage of the client, who was obviously engaging in fraudulent behavior."

Claims Manager | 09.2016


"The work of Western Limited's Background manager and staff has always been expedient and well done. Western Limited has been great to work with. Thank you." 

California's Workers' Compensation Attorney | 01.2014

"Wow! This will all be great defense material if he decides to retain an attorney. I can't mention enough; you all are doing such great work and your efficiency and communication does not go unnoticed. It is clear why our insured has chosen you for their investigative services."

Claims Case Manager | 03.2015

"Western Limited came through 100 percent. They got every bit of information I was looking for and more, on time, and on budget!! It was worth every penny, no more trying to find this impossible info by myself!"

Private Client | 10.2015

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